Happy Easter and all the blessings of the season.


KWANT HE joins FEGIME Polska group! On the 1st January Kwant Hurtownie Elektryczne began a new chapter in its development by becoming a member of FEGIME Polska. We are happy to welcome our new member wishing him a dynamic development in our blue team. In the picture from left: Paweł Kijak, Marta Kulza, Tomasz Szybieniecki.


After 30 years, Grodno, member of FEGIME Polska, decided to change its logo. The rebranding was based on the history, market feedback and reality of the company. The company's signet is a lightning bolt and a sign of repeatability. Lightning bolt is a symbol of dynamism, while a circle is a sign of the complexity of solutions and relations that the company builds around itself. The new logo reflects the values of Grodno developed over 30 years of operation: dynamism, comprehensiveness and expertise.

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